Two of Bletchley Park’s Primal Buildings Discovered

Bletchley Park
Bletchley Park

Two of the archetypal buildings of Bletchley Park, Britain’s intelligence hub during the Second World War, were discovered under a car park within the site.

The two wooden huts constructed above brick foundations, reportedly built in August 1939, were said to be demolished in 1950 and 1986 respectively. One of the two buildings used to be snack shop for WWII intelligence workers while the other was first used as an analysis center for decrypted Enigma as well as other German military information.

The two huts’ brick footings were uncovered when workmen started digging on one of the car parks inside the Bletchley Park complex as part of the restoration program planned for the whole site. Because of the discovery, archaeological examination will now be taking place within the dug up area.

The two primal buildings is said to be part of the original yet quite small complex which, during the six-year expanse of WWII, was expanded to over 50 fold.

“It is the first opportunity we have had to examine the foundations of the first wartime buildings at Bletchley Park,” Dr. Joel Greenberg, one of Bletchley Park’s historians, voiced out.

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Heziel Pitogo

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