Treasure Hunters Dig For Hitler’s Gold

According to parliament member and treasure hunter Heinz Peter Haustein, the team has located an area under the surface which appears to be filled with water and possibly the cave they are looking for.

The digging was stopped about a week ago for safety reason, as the site is believed to be rigged with explosives and other poisonous traps. According to the other treasure hunter in the team, Christian Hainsch, there could be a cave located about 30 feet under the surface, containing precious metals that can only be gold or silver, since their metal detectors would not respond to any other kind of metal, like for example, copper.

Hanisch’s father, a navigator in the Luftwaffe, is said to have been involved in the hiding of art, gold and silver, as the Nazi party realized they were in danger to lose the war. Hanisch admitted the reason why he is looking for the treasure is not because of the 2 tons of gold they might find inside the cave, but just to confirm that his father was right and that his instincts were right.

Heinz Peter Haustein started the digging at his own expense, hopping it would take him to the famous Amber Room, whose interior is said to be made of amber and gold only. It was stolen by the Germans from a castle in St. Petersburg, Russia, during the Soviet Union invasion in 1941, the CNN Edition reports.

The room was so impressive, many people at the time called it “the eighth wonder of the world.” Some time after the Second World War, parts of the Amber Room were found, but most of the remains inside are still missing today. “I am certain that large parts of the Amber Room are buried somewhere here,” said Haustein, who has been looking for the room for the last 12 years.

He said he heard about the Nazis hiding the Amber Room somewhere in the old copper mines in the Deutschneudorf region, but there is no proof about it yet. He also said that the Nazis started bringing precious metals and art to Deutschneudorf in the summer of 1944.

The site where the treasure hunters found the gold is where an old copper mine used to be until 1882, when it was shot down . However, geologists believe that servicemen from Adolf Hitler’s Wehrmacht — the German armed forces used to go there, since parts of their uniforms and machine guns were found and put on display at Deutschneudorf museum.

Ian Harvey

Ian Harvey is one of the authors writing for WAR HISTORY ONLINE