Today’s Spending Cuts Would Have Lost WWII

According to historians and military experts, modern military spending cuts would have made World War Two impossible for the current UK forces. This theory is largely perpetuated by Jonathan Boff, PhD, who claims that money is not the only issue but also the prevalence of politics in the actions of the armed forces. Boff believes that the military of yesteryear would have been able to argue such spending cuts if they felt it meant a greater chance at military victory.

While another international conflict on the scale of WWI or WWII is not necessarily expected in the near future, Boff’s outlook on the current military situation still calls into question whether or not the armed services would be able to respond adequately with such spending cuts in place. Studies have shown that the projection for such a future looks bleak, and have suggested that politicians may need to back off and lend the military some increased support to fight the likelihood of such an instance taking place.

Unfortunately, this recommendation may not carry much credence with civil servants, as there is an upcoming review of the military’s security tactics and stratagems which many generals and other officials fear may lead to yet more spending cuts. With current military technology at such a high point, this projection of the future would seem surprising to many. The problematic reality of the situation is that modern technologies actually necessitate more funding than ever, The Telegraph reports.

Boff reminds those who would worry that, since there is no impending threat of international conflict (or even domestic conflicts on UK soil), the issue is not as devastating as it would have been in former years. Still, spending cuts mean that the current peacetime must last if Britain is able to continue along its path without worry that security may be compromised unexpectedly. He also points out that WWI and WWII were not unexpected themselves, but were rather planned for in careful measures.

This theory means spending cuts may be annihilated if war ever does appear on the horizon. Until then, Britain’s security forces will have to keep training in terms of strategy and not foresee a future in which they see too heavy a reliance on expensive weaponry and equipment. As long as the UK is able to adjust its policies around the spending cuts in case of an emergency, Boff sees the current issue as one that should not affect the immediate future.

Ian Harvey

Ian Harvey is one of the authors writing for WAR HISTORY ONLINE