This Stuffed Toy Fox Flew 30 Combat Missions With The RAF In World War Two

Avro Lancester at RAF Metheringham on 11 March 1945.
Avro Lancester at RAF Metheringham on 11 March 1945.

A stuffed toy fox known as “Mr. Fox” was located after going missing ten months ago.

Mr. Fox was the mascot for the 106 Squadron of the RAF, flying on over 30 bombing runs during World War II. The squadron was based out of RAF Metheringham between 1943 and 1946.

While the 106 Squadron was based at Metheringham, they lost 59 Lancaster bombers and 300 crewmen.

Due to a paperwork mistake, Mr. Fox was reported as being “absent without leave” from the Metheringham Airfield Visitor Centre in June.

Andy Marson, chairman of the visitor center, said that they looked at the display cabinet one morning, and Mr. Fox was back in his place. He said that the Centre had promised to ask no questions and they intend to honor that pledge.

Marson said they were relieved to have Mr. Fox back as he is such a valued part of the museum. “If there was a fire in the visitor centre, he’d be the first thing we’d save,” he said.

Mr. Fox was the belonging of Flight Sergeant Bill Hovey, a navigator in the squadron. The stuffed toy became a mascot for the squadron.

Each mission accomplished with Mr. Fox was recorded on his leg. One of the recorded missions took place on the night before D-Day, Lincolnshire Live reported.

Since he was returned, Mr. Fox has been getting to know the Knight of the Skies, a statue of an airman, in the Lincoln Knights’ Trail.

Ian Harvey

Ian Harvey is one of the authors writing for WAR HISTORY ONLINE