Scottish Ghost Photographed at War Cemetery

According to a British schoolboy, a Scottish ghost has been sighted in the Neuville-St Vaast cemetery outside of nearby Arras, France. Mitch Glover, fourteen years of age, alleges to have snapped his picture of the apparition while on a school field trip. Despite its appearance in one of his photographs, Glover does not claim to have seen the ghost with his own eyes while he was at the cemetery in person.

Glover took the picture with his phone while his school was visiting the French Neuville-St Vaast. The nearby city of Arras was the site of numerous fatalities during the First World War. He took all of the photos in black and white, but one stood out from the others as it appeared to show a ghost standing amid the graves. Once he discovered the potential photographic evidence of a spectral sighting, Glover and his family began doing research on the area and its history. That was when they discovered that the specter may have been of Scottish origin.

The cemetery itself is actually German, not Scottish; however, the apparent uniform of the apparition has the Glover family, as well as one of Glover’s friends, pegging it as Scottish rather than German. This is because, from what they can tell, the ghost appears to be wearing a kilted uniform which was worn by the Seaforth Highlander regiment during the First World War. While the Seaforth Highlanders may not have been German, there are in fact a number of them buried at the nearby Nine Elms military cemetery.

If the Glover family is correct regarding the nature of the picture, they may have even discovered the specter’s cause of death. The Seaforth Highlanders loss great numbers of men at the hands of the Germans during the Battle of the Aisne. If the picture really is a ghost, they suspect it may be one of the Highlanders who died in that battle. Given their enemy in the battle and the large number of deaths they suffered, this may explain why the specter appears to be keeping watch over the German graves, the Mail Online reports.

Glover’s mother believes the picture may be a ghost due to the fact that it does not appear in any other pictures taken as part of the same series. She believes this helps rule out the idea that it may be a smudge on the lens or any other such abnormality. Whether or not the picture is a ghost will likely not be proven, though it will forever be an interesting moment for the Glover family.

Ian Harvey

Ian Harvey is one of the authors writing for WAR HISTORY ONLINE