New Russian Tank is controlled by a PlayStation gamepad

Adding to Russia’s military might, an advanced combat machine that combines the lethalness of a tank and portability of a wheeled armoured vehicle complimented by a user-friendly maneuvers control, has amazed the spectators around the world.

The Kurganets-25 has received praise around the world for its unique control options. Even the most advanced tanks in the modern militaries have very limited scope when it comes to controls and maneuverability. However, Kurganets-25 is using a Sony’s PlayStation gamepad to control the massive machine, which is a unique addition to tank technology.

On May 9th, in a commemorative ceremony of the Second World War, held in Russian Capital of Moscow, Kurganets-25 made its first public appearance.

The vice president of the Manufacturing Company that builds these vehicles told the media that Kurganets-25 is controlled by a gamepad very similar to a PlayStation controller, which is definitely a great upgrade from a tradition steering wheel.

Tractor Plants is building quiet a few of Kurganets-25 infantry fighting vehicles which resemble to a tank, with the capacity to carry soldiers to the battlefield providing a tank-like protection and extremely slick controls.

The vice President of Tractor Plants told the national news outlet ‘Sputnik’ that he spent more then two years to convince the manufacturers to come up with a PlayStation based control system for Kurganets-25, enabling a young soldier to quickly familiarize with the machine and its controls.

The precision and fingertip maneuverability options of PlayStation controls have evolved exponentially over the last couple of decades. Seeing the modern gaming tools being used in the war machines is very exciting for many video games enthusiasts. The gamepad has a number of advantages over a tradition steering wheel, most of all is the ‘maximum impact with minimum effort’ factor, and it takes a fraction of space inside the vehicle as compared to a tradition steering wheel.

One can call Kurganets-25 a sort of a hybrid, or something in between an armoured vehicle and a tank. The details of the specifications of the vehicles are classified, however it is believed that Kurganet-25 can transport 8 troops along with a 3-person crew of drivers operating the vehicle.

Claiming to have some amphibious abilities, this 21st century hybrid war machine has the top speed of 50 mph, which is not bad when you count the maneuverability of the vehicle. The top of the Kurganets-25 is a turret with a 30mm canon machine gun and enough space to carry at least 4 anti-tank missiles, the Mail Online reports.

The Kurganets-25 is in its trial stages at the moment in Russia, but the state is planning a mass production of the vehicle starting from as early as 2016.

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