Random Act of Kindness for WWII Veteran

Rene Duhon is a World War II veteran who was standing in line at an Albertson’s grocery store in Lafayette, Louisiana, when the woman behind him paid his bill.

Duhon said he was “flabbergasted.” He wasn’t sure what to think about the act of kindness, so he thanked the woman and then drove home.

Duhon usually wears his World War II veteran’s hat when he goes out. The woman told the cashier that she wanted to pay his bill because her father had served in WWII also, Fox News reported.

Duhon told the local television station that he wanted the woman to know how much he appreciated the gesture, calling her “an angel.”

He’d like to meet with the woman, and the television station is looking for people who may be able to help arrange that meeting.

Ian Harvey

Ian Harvey is one of the authors writing for WAR HISTORY ONLINE