Outrage As Churchill’s Home becomes Hitler’s Headquarters For Movie


War veterans are aghast that Blenheim Palace will double as Hitler’s headquarters for Michael Bay’s latest film.

The transformation of Winston Churchill’s former home into the swastika-swathed headquarters of Adolf Hitler for a Transformers movie has been denounced not only by veterans’ groups but also past military leaders.

Blenheim Palace in Woodstock, Oxfordshire, has been cast as the headquarters of the Nazi leader’s headquarters in The Last Knight, the fifth Transformers film, currently in production.

In addition to large swastika flags, a mix of German military equipment and SS storm troopers fill the courtyard.

Churchill on May 8, 1945 announcing the end of WWII to a crowd in London
Churchill on May 8, 1945 announcing the end of WWII to a crowd in London

He knows it’s a film, Col. Richard Kemp, ex-commander of British forces in Afghanistan, told the Sun, however, it’s blasphemous to Churchill. He will be turning in his grave.

Churchill is buried approximately one mile away from Blenheim in Bladon. Tony Hayes, of Veterans Association UK, said he felt surviving Second World War former servicemen and women who battled in the Second World War would be sickened by that.

The house is owned by a distant relative of Churchill, Jamie Spencer-Churchill, the 12th Duke of Marlborough. The palace is open to the public, The Guardian reported.

The Last Knight is scheduled for release in June of next year. The movie sees the return of Stanley Tucci and Mark Wahlberg to the series. They are joined by fellow actor Anthony Hopkins and Freya, an epileptic Staffordshire bull terrier dog once called Britain’s loneliest canine.

Ian Harvey

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