New Book Claims Hitler Retired to Argentina after making a secret escape from crumbling Nazi empire


FBI documents recently released suggest that Adolf Hitler made his escape from a bunker in Germany to Argentina where he spent the rest of his remaining days.

Two German submarines were recorded to have docked to the shore in Argentina one night in 1945. Around 50 people secretly made their way to land. Then, Argentine buses drove them away. These events were documented from eyewitnesses who are still alive to tell what they saw on the shoreline that night.

The Federal Bureau of Investigation disclosed these facts recorded in documents previously marked as classified. The recent release proves that Adolf Hitler, the infamous dictator and Nazi leader, was among the small crowd of people who arrived concealed in the dark of night in Argentina. He was said to have been accompanied by none other than Eva Braun.


Furthermore, the documents released by the FBI also proves that the American government has first-hand knowledge of Hitler’s survival. The US officials also knew that Hitler went on to live a long life in the Andes after World War II. It further revealed the conspiracy and assistance provided by the OSS, Allen Dulles.

The Informant

FBI had to clinch a deal with an unidentified person to get the information. In a letter dated August 1945 to the FBI, the unidentified informant agreed to exchange information with political asylum. The information was too seducing to ignore. J. Edgar Hoover, long-time FBI Director, personally got involved and got the very shocking information.


The informant knew that Hitler was in Argentina. He also knew that the largest part of the landing party was on board the first submarine. Hitler and Braun were on board with a smaller party the second submarine. He knew all these because he was one of the four men who were in the shoreline to meet the arriving German submarines.

Submarines landing on Argentine shores in not surprising. German U-boat 977 and U-boat 530 escaped from German waters and surfaced on land in Mar del Plata.

Argentina Assistance

The Liberty Voice reports that the sympathy of Argentina apparently went  with Nazi Germany. Argentina, the second largest country in South America, hosted a large German “ex-pat” population who are close friends with Hitler before the war and stayed loyal to the Fuhrer even after the end of World War II.

The government of Argentina provided assistance and sanctuary to Hitler. The FBI documents direct in detail the route which Hitler’s escaping party took including the towns to which they traveled. The informant also reveal in detail the house where Hitler and Braun resided for the rest of their days.

The identity of the informant was not revealed in the FBI documents. However, Hoover attests to the credibility of his statements after making the necessary investigation and inquiry. Hoover then handed the documents to Generals in the U.S. War Department.



Siegphyl is one of the authors writing for WAR HISTORY ONLINE