New Book Claims Hitler Died In South America In 1984 Aged 95

The new book claims that Hitler was hunting for a treasure in Brazil, using a map given to him by the Allies in Vatican. Simoni Renee Guerreiro Dias, the author of the book believes Adolf Hitler had a black girlfriend, as he tried to hide his fascist background. However, she started to become suspicious, after attaching a mustache to the grainy picture with the man believed to be the Fuhrer and compared it to photos of Hitler from the 1940s.

All these time, Hitler was believed to have killed himself in his bunker in Berlin, following the end of the Second World War in which Germany lost the fight. A new picture comes in support of the claims that Hitler died in 1984, in a small town in Brazil. As part of his escape plan, he started a relationship with a black woman called Cutinga, as he tried to prove he couldn’t be the Nazi dictator who so much hated anyone who didn’t fit the Aryan race.

Simoni Renee Guerreiro Dias’ book, ‘Hitler in Brazil – His Life and His Death’ brings proof that the Fuhrer died aged 95 in Brazil and that the whole suicide scene from Berlin April 30, 1945, was just a set up for his escape. She also claims Adolf Hitler changed his name into Adolf Leipzig and lived in Nossa Senhora do Livramento, a tiny town about 30 miles from the capital, Cuiaba. According to the author, also a Brazilian coming from Cuiaba, Hitler was locally known as the ‘Old German.’

Simoni has been given permission to exhume the remains of Adolf Leipzing, who is buried in Nossa Senhora do Livramento and she is also planning to get in touch with one of his living relatives in Israel and conduct a series of DNA tests.

Simoni was able to link the two stories, after she found out that Hitler might have received an offer from the Vatican to go searching for a hidden treasure which was believed to be buried in a cave, near the house he lived in. She emphasized the fact that the Fuhrer’s favorite composer, Bach, was born in Leipzig, the Mail Online reports.

The book claims that sometime in the early eighties, Hitler was recognized by a Polish nun at a hospital in Cuiaba. Although she asked him to leave, a superior of the hospital insisted that he was there on Vatican orders.

The last man who saw Hitler alive was his bodyguard, Rochus Misch, who died last year, aged 96.

Ian Harvey

Ian Harvey is one of the authors writing for WAR HISTORY ONLINE