Nazi Tapestry Available for June Auction

A large Nazi tapestry, measuring around ten or eleven feet on each side, is to go up for sale at auction. Bids can be processed online, over the phone, or in person on the dates of June 13th and June 14th. The item is suspected to have adorned the walls of the Berlin Reichstag building, and will be auctioned off with other war items. The starting bid for the Nazi tapestry will be twenty-five thousand dollars.

Literally hundreds of war artifacts will be auctioned off, from adornments to items of clothing and even weaponry. This particular item starred on the silver screen when it appeared in The Dirty Dozen. The Nazi tapestry is one of the most expensive items to be put up for bidding, with the majority of items yielding opening bids of just a few thousand dollars. It is also one of the rarest items on lot, as it appears to be completely unique.

The Second World War is not the only war from which lot items are available. There are also many items from the Civil War, including a rare fez, a shell fragment, and a cavalryman’s jacket. There are also several more WWII items besides the Nazi tapestry, however, including a Japanese sword, a German helmet, and a French cuirass. All of these items are rare to some extent, and when all sold should fetch a considerable sum.

All of the items are being put up for auction by the Mohawk Arms gallery, which only does a small handful of auctions each year. Given their general modus operandi, there is not much surprise in the fact that they are putting the Nazi tapestry up alongside Civil War items, as their items tend to encompass multiple war eras. The online auctions will actually begin sometime before the live bids, but will not be finalized until the gavel falls for the last time, the ARTFIX daily reports.

While the Nazi tapestry may have a heavy asking price due to its rarity and significance, bidders with a bit of money in their pockets will be able to purchase less rare items should they happen to be working on a collection or merely find something that interests them. Conversely, those with items they wish to sell can easily consign them to the Mohawk Arms. The Nazi tapestry is merely one of many items which was given to the Mohawk Arms for the auction, but is certainly unlike anything of its kind.

Ian Harvey

Ian Harvey is one of the authors writing for WAR HISTORY ONLINE