Turkish Students Accused of Promoting the Nazi Salute at Auschwitz

The Global Jewish News Source (JTA) reports that two tourists, students, were detained by guards on duty at the Auschwitz museum. Why? Allegedly the students were making the Nazi salute.

The students were 22 years old and the pair were seen taking photographs of each other in front of the gate to the former death camp. They stood under the iconic sign that read “Arbeit macht frei” which translates to “Work makes you free”. They were reported to have had their right hands raised that looked like the Nazi salute.

The Turkish students were studying in Budapest when they stopped at a hotel in Krakow. Then they made their way to visit the Auschwitz-Birkenau Memorial and State Museum.

The police spokesmen, Mariusz Ciarka told the Gazeta Wyborcza newspaper that the students will probably be accused of promoting the Nazi symbols in public. This has been made illegal in Poland. If the students are found guilty, they may be sentenced to 2 years is prison.

Back in October, two other students from Turkey were seen making gestures similar to the Nazi salute at a museum in Majdanek in the presence of Israeli students. Those students were accused of promoting a fascist regime and insulting Jews. Those students could be facing 3 years in prison.

Evette Champion

Evette Champion is one of the authors writing for WAR HISTORY ONLINE