Meet the Man Who Earns a Living as a Professional Hitler Look-A-Like: Emin Djinovci

Unbelievable but true — a man in Mitrovica, Kosovo earns his living as the professional look-a-like of the notorious German dictator Adolf Hitler and even charges people who want a photo with him £60.

49-year-old Emin Djinovci is making a living out of his being a look-a-like of the generally hated WWII German Fuehrer, Adolf Hitler, and makes sure that everyday and everywhere, he looks the part. As a matter of fact, tourists who want their photos taken with him have to pay him £60 or roughly, about 93 dollars.

A father of five girls, Emin refers to his daughters as “Hitler’s children” and states that he is very much proud of his being a look-a-like of the infamous German Fuehrer as like the latter, the Serbs are his enemies and he had fought against them.

According to him, he finds himself in character with Hitler as both of them contended against a common enemy. He added that since Hitler opposed the Serbs, then in a sense, both of them are friends.

Originally from Germany, the professional Hitler look-a-like moved to Kosovo way back in 1998 and fought in the Kosovo War where Kosovo Albanians went against the forces of the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia made up of the Republics of Montenegro and Serbia. The former was fighting for separation from the latter. Emin sided with the Kosovo Albanians during the battle.

As to date, Hitler look-a-like Emin Djinovic goes around carrying a copy of the Mein Kampf [My Struggle], the hate-laden autobiography of Adolf Hitler. He even calls himself the “Kosovo reincarnate” of the WWII German leader.

Nevertheless, as what Kosovan media reveals, businessmen in Emin’s locality do not consider the Hitler look-a-like a menace. They have no problem with his weird work as they think he shows “great enterprise”. However, if he starts to copy the Hitler of Germany to a T, then, that creates the problem. Display of the old Nazi regime and the symbols associated with it is strictly prohibited in the country and the Hitler look-a-like will be promptly arrested if he does so.

Heziel Pitogo

Heziel Pitogo is one of the authors writing for WAR HISTORY ONLINE