Man Dead After Run Over By WWII Tank – M5 High Speed Tractor

Screengrab from LA Times
Screengrab from LA Times

Screengrab from LA Times
The M5 High Speed Tractor is technically not a tank but it uses the same undercarriage, tracks and engine as the M5A1 Stuart Tank – LA Times

Fairfield, CaliforniaWhat was expected to be a happy family event turned fatally sour after a WWII tank driven for fun claimed the life of one man.

The M5 High Speed Tractor ran over the victim causing his death during a family reunion of candy maker Herman Rowland Saturday afternoon, August 22. Reportedly, it was Rowland’s son-in-law, the husband of the present chief executive of Jelly Belly, who was driving the M5 High Speed Tractor when the incident happened.

According to the authorities, the victim, Kevin Wright, 54, was with Dwayne Brasher, 62, as the latter was driving the M5 High Speed Tractor through an open property in the location where the reunion was taking place. Wright was a passenger and was sitting on the front edge of the WWII tank, facing inward.

Unfortunately, he lost his balance as the WWII tank was traveling down a dirt hill causing him to fall backward landing directly on the front of the tracks.

However, a CHP official stated that alcohol and drugs are not factored in the deadly incident.

Meanwhile, Herman Rowland let out a statement saying that his family “is grieving over this tragic loss” and adding that the victim not only was a passionate and very helpful person, he also shared the same love for history as the candy maker had.

Rowland is known to be a collector of military vehicles. His collection, which included the M5 High Speed Tractor, are stored in a restoration facility called The Tank Barn.

Presently, Rowland and his family are seeking intensive counseling for anyone who saw the tragic incident.

Heziel Pitogo

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