The Loneliness Of Russia And The Revenge Of Hitler

While the Second World War ended after six years of continuous massacre across the globe, Al Qaeda managed to destroy Syria, Libya and most recently Ukraine, Iraq and several American states were also destroyed and the Vietnam war killed over 4 million Vietnamese, it looks like the West’s ultimate goal is to start a final war with Russia. Apparently, the British leaders insist to enter a conflict with Russia at any cost, just to obtain the power over Eurasia.

According to Professor Brzezinski, theorist and political mentor of American President Barack Obama, Ukraine is set to be integrated into the Western alliance so they can better fight Russia when the time comes. According to McKinder, Russia is ‘the new Mongolian empire,’ an evil race that led the Corsican Emperor against Russia, against progress and against freedom.

The loneliness of Russia comes from the reminder of a similar situation from the late thirties, when the Russians tried to find a way of signing a treaty with the Fuhrer, however useless, since all that Adolf Hitler wanted, was his own war against this nation and its people, seeking to pay the necessary price to have the wealth and the land of this country. Not much has changed since. The West is preparing the war since Vladimir Putin was reelected, generating the well anticipated ‘beginning of the end.’ It can only go to way: it would it either be the end of Putin or the end of Russia.

“NATO is polluting the international landscape; it complicates the integration of Europe; it complicates the relations with Russia; and it creates conflicts anywhere,” reads a recent account of ex-ambassador Gabriel Robin. Claims arouse over the fact that the NATO and the western media use cynical propaganda, making Russia look as if it’s always wrong and always evil and making Putin look like the new Stalin.

While the hatred of Russia is just an old Nazi myth, the reality of Hitler’s aggression was numerous times engraved across the lands and the people of this nation. It began when Russia was attacked by SS coming from 20 international powers, including countries like Slovakia, Romania, Hungary or Italy, the English Pravda reports.

Slovakia is nothing else but Hitler’s creation, just like he created a new Ukraine, after slicing it from Russia.

“But when we speak of new territory in Europe to-day we must principally think of Russia and the border States subject to her,” Adolf Hitler, Mein Kampf.



Ian Harvey

Ian Harvey is one of the authors writing for WAR HISTORY ONLINE