Did Hitler Plan to Invade Britain?


Was Operation Sea Lion – Germany’s supposed strategy to invade United Kingdom in World War II – real or was it just a ploy used by British authorities that time to promulgate victory over the Nazis?

Retold in history by eyewitnesses and news bulletins at that time, dependable sources have singled out September 16 as the date Hitler chose for his England invasion. It was the day when the moon was at its brightest, thus, the tide was at its fullest. Additionally, he had a powerful air force at his disposal as well as an immense fleet of sea crafts.

However, when the Nazi advanced its guard and gave massive raids a go on September 15, 1940, The Royal Air Force (RAF) also started going offensive against the attacking army managing to cripple the Nazis. As the Manchester Guardian  reported about the event, RAF had smashed Hitler’s plan.

Wilhelmshaven, Prahme für "Unternehmen Seelöwe"

Hitler’s Operation Sea Lion failed, England was able to retain its invincibility.

But Fritz Hesse, a press attache and a diplomat at a German embassy in London, thought otherwise and he wrote about it in his book, Hitler and the English. 

“British propaganda twisted the fact that Hitler failed to invade England into a proof of England’s invincibility. The truth, however, was, as I can testify, that Hitler never went ahead with his plan for the invasion but regarded it as dubious from a technical point of view and politically undesirable.”

To him, Hitler had an intense love-hatred towards England and this admiration of the British empire had stopped him short from putting his plan into action.

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Heziel Pitogo

Heziel Pitogo is one of the authors writing for WAR HISTORY ONLINE