Did Hans Kammler Commit Suicide?

High-ranking SS General Hans Kammler was said to have committed suicide near the end of the Second World War. Now, he is the subject of a similar theory to that which states Adolf Hitler’s suicide was faked. In this theory, the general responsible for the deaths of thousands of innocents actually moved to America with the full knowledge of the United States. This theory regarding Hans Kammler has not, however, been fully verified.

The reasoning for this alleged relocation revolves around the general’s area of expertise, which is centered on Hitler’s programs for the development of secret weapons. It is already known that Nazi scientists were recruited by the Allies for the betterment of various technologies. Since Hans Kammler was associated with death and the cruelty of innocents, he would have to have been eliminated from the public consciousness before such a move could be made. His knowledge would have been valuable to the stateside advancement of weaponry given his knowledge about the V1 and V2 rockets, retaliatory missiles that could have changed the face of the war if developed earlier.

The apparent falsification of his suicide was necessitated by his work on concentration camps such as Auschwitz, for which he helped to design their incinerator. Given the number of deaths to which he contributed, the name Hans Kammler made for himself would not have justified his acquisition by the United States in many people’s eyes, even following the German surrender. It would have appeared that the Allies were taking advantage of the same cumbrance on freedoms that they were actively fighting against.

If the theory on the alleged fake suicide holds true, then the captured Nazi general may have lent a hand in the modernization of numerous American weapons. His V2 rockets were known for devastating attacks against Britain. Hans Kammler may have gone on to bring similarly deadly rockets to the United States. Approaching the Cold War, America was in a rush to get the general onto their soil before he could be acquired by the Soviet Union, the Mail Online reports.

Hans Kammler was one of the deadliest men in Hitler’s Third Reich, almost as much so as Himmler or Speer. The veracity of the claims that he lived and died in the United States following the war have not been confirmed, but the reasoning behind the claim appears to be logical. If Hans Kimmler truly lived in America, it is possible that numerous advancements in weaponry during and after the Cold War was technically manufactured by Nazis.

Ian Harvey

Ian Harvey is one of the authors writing for WAR HISTORY ONLINE