The Biggest Event in the World When It Comes to German WW2 Vehicles

Photo: The Weald Foundation
Photo: The Weald Foundation

This is the only event of its kind where you can get the chance to get up close and person with big German WW2 vehicles and machinery, when it rumbles over dirt tracks in a forest.

And early bird access is about to end so purchase today before they disappear

Time is running out to purchase your early bird access, so roll up, roll up time to book yourself a seat to the Museum of exciting wonders and participate in their annual event Militracks on May 16-17 at the Overloon Museum in The Netherlands.

This year so far, they have announced two big stars of the battlefield the Jagdpanther and the Nashorn.

If you wish to purchase your early bird tickets, this is the link

During the Militracks weekend, there are German motorcycles, passenger cars, trucks, half-tracks and tanks on display that were predominantly in service of the Wehrmacht.

German vehicle technology at that time was in many cases qualitatively better than that of the Allies. At Militracks, it is demonstrated – and some cases literally – how that technology worked.

The vehicles are also not just set up in static displays, but driven around on the special, kilometre-and-a-half trail on the museum grounds. It is also possible to ride along. You can buy tickets for that on the grounds themselves.

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Pre-ordering entrance tickets is possible but only online.

Remaining tickets will be sold at the entrance during the event. In case the event is sold out, we will report that here on our website. For more information please give us a call (+31 478 641250) or send us an email (