WOW!!! German Gun Battery in Normandy That Was Put For Sale – check this out! (image heavy)

Jack Knight

york 50Are you are interested in owning a piece of the Atlantic Wall in Normandy?

A superbly preserved piece of WWII history, an untouched Normandy German Gun Battery was on sale recently.

The huge gun battery and complex at Querqueville / Amfreville (Stp 277) was up for sale – earlier this year.

It is well documented and its history is well known as it defended the port of Cherbourg from the hills above the city. Battery York as it was locally known, fought an artillery duel with USS Texas before being over-run after a land battle with the US army.york 6

It has the view to die over Cherbourg harbour and also a magnificent view over the nature reserve and beaches in front of it, and, it offers the buyer the opportunity to uncover an untouched battlefield – all left as was were after the war.

york 30

Why was it left… because had been closed off to the public since the war, and owned by the French government. 

 The site also has a number of buildings which have not yet been re-uncovered after being closed off at the end of the war.

plan york

By way of a price comparison – there is a the 100 square metre German bunker that came up for sale in Cherbourg last month priced at €109,000 – it appears that the Battery York complex was a real bargain at €300,000 given the thousands of metres it covers… it will certainly only go up in value.

It is one of the most intact, well-documented and undamaged Gun Batteries that is likely to ever come up for sale in Normandy.

6There are plenty of period photographs of the Germans in occupation at the battery.

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