First World War Cannon Is Restored To Its Former Glory

A World War I cannon standing in front of the building housing the Veterans of Foreign Wars was recently re-dedicated at Sandwich Il.

Harold Dannewitz, Chuck Kania, and Todd Latham, all present or past leaders of the Sandwich Veterans of Foreign Wars and the American Legion, participated.

This sample was placed in its present location in 1934 to honor those who saw service during the Great War.

Of the 235 models built, 65 were used in combat, and 20 guarded the Panama Canal. At present, 20 others are kept in museums. The Sandwich exhibit is one of two that have always been stationed outdoors.

The initial price for restoring the artillery piece was $15,000. However, members of the Sandwich VFW and American Legion found a gentleman in Shipshewana, Indiana, who completed the work for $3,000.

Except for the rubber that encircles the wheels, everything else is new.

It was oft-stated during the ceremony, of the substantial contribution made by Larry Nelson and his family in remembrance of Larry’s father who served in the 220th Armored Engineer Battalion during the Second World War.

Also receiving mention was Josh Michaelson and Jeremiah Miller who completed the camouflage painting on the weapon, Kendall County Now reported.

During the event, Latham recited the names of citizens from Somonauk and Sandwich, obtained from the DeKalb County newspaper, who served in the war.

Ian Harvey

Ian Harvey is one of the authors writing for WAR HISTORY ONLINE