Filming Scenes from the English Civil War

Scenes from the English Civil War were recently reenacted in Sherwood Forest. These were not part of the typical reenactment that one might imagine, but rather part of a new film project that will portray some of the conflict’s more historic battles. The goal is to educate people in the number of important events that transpired in Newark during the English Civil War.

The budget for the filming was impressively large, measuring in the neighborhood of three hundred thousand pounds. While this may seem like a decent budget, this is not for a traditional dramatic film, nor is it for a cinematic documentary. Instead, this footage will be used to create a “town trail” app for Newark residents and visitors to learn more about the English Civil War. App users will be able to visit prominent locations and then view informative videos through the app. This app can be used on both smartphones and tablets, allowing for a degree of accessibility that will allow anyone in Newark to partake in this educational experience.

Newark and Sherwood District Council put this project into action. Another major part of the project is the National Civil War Center. This center will open in Newark in 2015, and will raise awareness regarding Newark’s place in the English Civil War. The project manager in charge of the app is also hoping that the center, the cost of which is well over five million pounds, will help to bolster the local economy. The center will have a theatre room in which four specially filmed pieces will be shown. When combined with approximately twenty-five minute-long pieces that were shot for the app, there are nearly thirty segments of film altogether.

Carolina Giammetta, the film’s director, as well as others involved with the project, are hoping that this will be a creative new way to educate people. While there are other museums that show documentary footage, these pieces on the English Civil War have been written by screenwriters to unfold as short dramas. The subject matter, however, is very real. Every piece is based on a true story, involving real people who took part in the conflict, the Nottingham Post reports.

Not only are those involved with the project hoping to educate locals on the English Civil War, but they are also hoping to draw in tourists with the unique experience offered by their app as well as the National Civil War Center. If this plan proves successful, then the project manager’s hopes of boosting the economy may prove fruitful. Although each segment is only about a minute long, the filmmakers are putting forth an effort to make each one as engaging as possible. This will make it easier for younger audiences to pay attention, increasing their ability to learn about the English Civil War in a fresh and exciting way.

Ian Harvey

Ian Harvey is one of the authors writing for WAR HISTORY ONLINE