Fighting for Recognition for a World War Two Hero who Gave His Life In Battle

Portrait of Teddy Sheean (left) and HMAS Armidale (right).
Portrait of Teddy Sheean (left) and HMAS Armidale (right).

Ordinary Seaman Teddy Sheean was ordered to abandon ship when the HMAS Armidale was sunk by the Japanese in World War II. Instead, he strapped himself to his gun and continued to fire, bringing down one more enemy bomber in the process.

His nephew, Gary Ivory,  has been trying to get Sheean’s actions recognized with the Victoria Cross for decades.

Now, he has sent a formal letter to the British Admiralty, signed by the former Tasmanian senator and current state minister Guy Barnett.

Ivory believes that his uncle deserves the Victoria Cross because he gave his life to save his crewmates and sacrificed his life for his country.

Two years ago, Ivory wrote to Prince Harry about his uncle’s circumstances and received a positive reply.

Because Sheean was acting during service to the British Admiralty, it is up to them to determine whether he is awarded the VC. Ivory just hopes that they will listen to his case, ABC News reported.

He expects to hear back from them in about six months.

Ian Harvey

Ian Harvey is one of the authors writing for WAR HISTORY ONLINE