Fallen Soldier En Route to Reburial

A fallen soldier by the name of Private First Class Lawrence Gordon was discovered some time ago to be buried in a German cemetery. The young man died during the Second World War, and his remains had been mixed up and buried in the wrong location. Now that his resting place has been found, the remains of the young fallen soldier can be shipped off to their final burial spot in Canada.

The Germans were not solely responsible for the mistaken identity involved in Gordon’s burial. In fact, it was the Americans who presented the Germans with the body of the young man under the false impression that he was of German heritage. As a result of the mix-up, the fallen soldier has spent seven decades under the wrong soil. Gordon’s surviving nephew had longed for the return of his uncle to the proper land, and now he has lived to see that wish come true. For the sake of assurance, Gordon’s remains will still undergo forensic analysis.

After the body is examined in Wisconsin, they will finally make their way to Canada for an August burial. Although Gordon died nearly seventy years ago, many are excited to see an Allied casualty returned to his home soil. The fallen soldier surprised his nephew from beyond the grave when his namesake nephew discovered on a family trip to the Brittany American Cemetery that Gordon was still listed as a missing soldier. They had apparently known that he had been killed, but were never informed of the rest, the Journal Sentinel reports.

Now, so long as the body passes forensic analysis, there is no more question regarding Gordon’s whereabouts; however, identification will not be the only goal of the tests. There is also a desire to learn more about how he died by examining the corpse of the fallen soldier to identify the injuries. The remains have been subject to testing in the past, which is how the nations involved are certain that Gordon was misidentified in the first place.

The remains of the fallen soldier will see their ultimate resting place once they arrive in Saskatchewan. Gordon will be buried near family, his brothers and father to be precise. A Canadian citizen who enlisted with the United States Army following the Pearl Harbor attack, Gordon was a brave young fallen soldier who is finally making his way home. His reburial will be ceremoniously honored and attended by family as well as some military officials.

Ian Harvey

Ian Harvey is one of the authors writing for WAR HISTORY ONLINE