Epic Viking Battle Reenactment – Interactive 360° Video

The history of ancient Nordic warfare – often placed under the umbrella term of “Vikings” – has fascinated historians for years, and holds a special place in popular culture. From the enormous success of History Channel’s Vikings series to the award-winning Skyrim video game, the influence of these seafaring warriors and the culture surrounding them is still felt today. Even the original epic fantasy “The Lord of the Rings” draws many influences from Nordic culture and myth, and the English language is riddled with words and placenames which derive from ancient Norse languages.

From the 8th to 11th century, Vikings raided, traded and lived throughout Northern Europe, while their voyages took them far and wide around the continent’s coast. The name itself comes from the phrase “vikingr”, an Old Norse word with a number of possible roots. In time, however, it has come to commonly refer to the entire culture surrounding Scandinavian societies during this remarkable time period.

One of the most thrilling aspects of this historical chapter was the ferocious warfare that often took place, between Viking raiders and other European nations, and within the different Nordic factions themselves. This video, created using YouTube’s interactive 360-degree feature, gives viewers an incredible experience of one such battle – in this case, between Viking and Slavic forces.

Featuring over 600 experienced and fully-equipped reenactors, the video shows a dramatic recreation of an epic military engagement, marking the grand finale of the Wolin Viking Festival. Watch the tense build-up before the fighting breaks out, join the fray as the two armies charge into battle, and turn at will to watch any part of the events unfolding around you.

Presented by National Geographical and produced by Black Dot Films, it doesn’t stop at just the warfare. Viewers can also explore the daily life of a Viking camp, providing a remarkable insight into the culture and technology of this fascinating time in history.  Whether you’re a fan of this specific cultural period or just historical battles in general, this is a powerful and engaging video.

Malcolm Higgins

Malcolm Higgins is one of the authors writing for WAR HISTORY ONLINE