EmbaSSy Released on October 18 and Causes Controversy

A still from the film, EmbaSSy
A still from the film, EmbaSSy

EmbaSSy is a Polish film that came out on October 18th. The film may challenge Polish views toward the war and the amount of death and destruction the country had.

The movie is set in 1939 and in 2012. It follows a couple  who move into a building that once was the German Embassy, before the war began. Upon moving in, they learn that the elevator also has the ability to transport them into the past–1939 to be exact.

The movie pokes fun at Hitler and the Third Reich; one clip shows the Fuhrer stuck in the toilet. Before long, the film’s actual premise is revealed. The couple plots the kidnapping of Hitler in efforts to prevent the war.

Six million Poles were killed or lay dying during World War II and much of the country was left in ruins. The film is meant to be humorous, however it borders on insensitive. The Polish capital of Warsaw was destroyed by the Germans and some believe that the famous Polish song, Warsaw Dream being sung by Hitler and Joachim von Ribbentrop was in poor taste.

Telegraph.co.uk interviewed Julius Machulsky, the director of EmbaSSy, in regards to the criticism the movie has gotten. Machulski believes that laughter heals and “Let us take the example of the English who can make fun of anything. It is human nature to find comedy in even the bleakest of situations.”

There are supporters for the movie. They welcome the challenge presented toward WWII, and they focus on the patriotism that is present in the Polish people. However for Machulsky, it is more difficult to win over the critics. Some critics have begun to enjoy the movie, whereas others are harder to win over.

Evette Champion

Evette Champion is one of the authors writing for WAR HISTORY ONLINE