Amazing – Public Donations Enabled American WWII Veteran To Return To Pearl Harbor 75 Years On

Robert Coles was helped to raise funds for a trip to Pearl Harbor to observe the 75th anniversary of the Japanese attack that he survived there in 1941.  Many generous people saw his story and donated money to make the trip possible.  A fellow veteran from Bangor, Maine, was the largest contributor, donating $7,000 to the cause.

A visit to this major donor’s Real Estate Management Company will tell you that he is a die-hard WWII aficionado. He has photos of instrument panels from WWII planes on the walls.  Pieces of aircraft, plane models, and photographs from WWII also decorate the walls.

He appreciates the values of the generation that fought in that war.  It’s something that he sees lacking in the current generation.

That’s part of the reason that he donated so generously to Coles’ trip. Another reason comes from his days in basic training.  He learned there that people who serve their country take care of each other.  He’s experienced it firsthand.

When he was selected to go to Iraq with the 172nd Mountain Company, two of his friends volunteered to go and watch his back.  That’s the dedication and commitment that led him to donate, reported.

Coles and his traveling companion raised over $12,000 through GoFundMe.

Ian Harvey

Ian Harvey is one of the authors writing for WAR HISTORY ONLINE