A Despicable Crime – Grave Robbers Steal Skull of American WWII Veteran

Six months ago, an unthinkable crime occurred in the small city of Hickory, North Carolina. Grave robbers broke into the mausoleum where James William Floyd remains were, a World War II veteran, and stole his skull. Now, the family is looking for answers.

This in an unbelievable crime. When you think how much people like Mr. Floyd went through to secure our freedom, this awful act becomes even worse. Added to this is the fact that it would have been a difficult operation to carry out. To commit this crime would have required planning, tools, and probably more than one person.

“It just blows my mind you have enough chops to come in here bust that open in the middle of the night, pull the casket out and the worst part chopping the guys head off,” said Don Lowe, Floyd’s son-in-law.

The incident has been terribly disturbing both to the family of the man whose grave has been desecrated and to the community at large. People feel that a place of peace and respect has been tainted.

Floyd was laid to rest next to his wife in 2008. Now his grave is empty. What was once a place of quiet reflection is no longer that. That’s why Lowe is offering $5,000 for any information that leads to an arrest, WCNC.com reported.

Lowe said that he suspects Satanists of the crime, despite how strange that might sound in a small city like this. He says that the work and the brazen callousness required to break the marble slab and behead the body demonstrates that this was more than a stupid prank.

Whatever the reason behind this despicable crime, it can only be hoped that the perpetrator or perpetrators will be brought to justice, and Mr. Floyd’s remains returned to his grave, so that he can rest in peace.

Ian Harvey

Ian Harvey is one of the authors writing for WAR HISTORY ONLINE