5 Insanely Creepy Stories of The World Wars


Undoubtedly war is an ugly business, but at times war forces humans to cross the boundaries of humanity and come up with ideas that could put the devil to shame.

Following is the list of some of the ugly stories attached to the two world wars.

1. Baby Factories of Nazis

"Verein Lebensborn", Taufe
Christening of a Lebensborn child, c.1935-1936. Photo Credit

Hitler’s ugly romance with blue eyes and blonde hair is well known and documented in the history books. This romance manifested itself in a variety of different shapes and forms; most notable among all has to be the ‘Final solution’ that gave the world gas chambers and Holocaust.

But very few people know some of the bizarre atrocities Hitler authorized to further his aim of making so-called Aryan race dominant in the world.

A large number of babies were taken into large mansions and luxurious villas to be brought up as true Aryans. This Nazification program was dubbed as ‘Lebensborn’ by Hitler.

Initially, Nazi soldiers were told to mingle with the local communities of the occupied territories such as Poland. This meant that a large number of Polish women got pregnant with Nazi babies. Mother and children were then transferred to massive facilities to live a luxurious life.

Himmler and his daughter Gudrun

This method was slow and took a while for the fresh ‘batch’ of Aryan babies. Nazis then resort to kidnapping and forcibly taking away most Aryan looking babies from their parents.

Poland claims that around 200,000 polish babies were kidnapped under the Lebensborn program.

2. The Murders of Nagyrev

Ugly War Stories
Defendants in the arsenic poisoning case of the Tiszazug area: Women walking in the Szolnok prison yard.

Evil regimes or armies committed not all the sinister plots and atrocities during the war, sometimes seemingly normal communities shake hands with the ugly. In a small Hungarian town called Nagyrev, a string of mysterious murders shook the region during the First World War.

The murder spree in the small isolated town started after the arrival of a sinister midwife. During the war, some lonely housewives started having odd flings with the allied POW’s and had to seek the help of the midwife to put a lid on the whole matter. Her influence grew stronger, and she encouraged the people of the town to settle their scores between each other by using a deadly arsenic soup.

This resulted in a large number of deaths in the town including women and children. Some of the soldiers who survived the war came back to their wives only to get poisoned by them.

For years the whole affair went unnoticed by neighboring communities because the town’s clerk was the midwife’s cousin who never reported any death as murder in the papers. By the time the killing spree concluded some 300 people were dead including a large number of elderly and children.

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