Cold War Bunker Up for Sale

After the Second World War, a rift between the Allies was created by Communism. This led to the Cold War, a period lasting several years during which many Allied nations were paranoid and afraid that they might become the victims of a nuclear strike at any moment. This led many to create bunkers. One such defense bunker from the Cold War is now being sold as a possible vacation home.

The bunker is one of the safest structures most ordinary people could even imagine. The concrete walls are each a whole meter thick, and it has more walls than simply the four primary exterior ones. This is because there are well over four and a half dozen rooms within a bunker. This was not merely meant for one family to hide in during the Cold War, but rather for several politicians and other leaders of the free world to remain safe for several years at a time. The importance of the bunker has led to its incredibly high asking price, which as of now is well over a quarter of a million British pounds.

With a total of thirty thousand square feet across three floors, the bunker comes equipped with a generator so that it can be self-sufficient in terms of energy. In this way, the bunker is able to provide for a total of approximately one hundred and fifty people at a time. If the Cold War actually had led to nuclear attacks, this bunker would have been able to keep a large number of politicians and other officials alive, while possibly providing for a large number of civilians as well, the Mail Online reports.

As far as bunkers go, the interior of this one was given careful attention so as to make it as livable as possible. Not only did the designers wish for the important persons residing there to be as comfortable as possible, they also wanted them to keep doing their jobs during the Cold War. Now, however, it has been reduced to an area used simply to store items. Occasionally, events are held there as well. During said events, guests are able to see vestiges of the bunker’s former intended use in the form of large geographical charts which cover some of the interior surfaces.

Although built primarily out of Cold War paranoia, the bunker was one of the most intricate defense structures of its era. It was not the only one of its kind built; there are over a dozen others just like it. While the Cold War fortunately did not play out the way many thought it would, hundreds of political officials would have been protected if things had gone awry.

Ian Harvey

Ian Harvey is one of the authors writing for WAR HISTORY ONLINE