Classified Nazi reports reveal Hitler’s bombing of German people

A classified operation undertaken by the Nazis during World War Two has been uncovered by secret reports which have only now come to light.

The secret Nazi reports are now being sold by their German collector owner at an auction in London.

The highly classified reports were rescued from being burnt and destroyed at the end of the war, as the Nazi officers tried to get rid of them completely when they realised they had lost the war.

The secret reports detail the results of tests for V-2 rockets which were being developed by the Nazis in secret. But what makes the tests unique is that they were conducted on the German people themselves.

During the final months of the war, Hitler and the Nazis were desperately trying to develop the V-2 missile to the stage that it could be used and so they could fight back against the then advancing Allied and Soviet troops.

It was Hitler’s last attempt to fight back and he was determined to do that any way possible, even if it meant killing his own people.

In 1944 the V-2 rockets were fired around the region of Pomerania in the far north of Germany, on the coast of the Baltic Sea. They were fired from the Peememunde base also located on the coast of Baltic Sea.

The reports were produced by a special secret unit called the Kommandostelle S. The unit was tasked with assessing the damage and results of the rockets. The reports were then sent back to Hitler for his review.

The set of reports includes up to 40 papers and little remains known about the top secret unit which produced them.

The V-2 rocket was a terrifying advancement in military technology. It was the first ballistic missile of its kind and there was no defence available to combat the rocket at the time. The V-2 rockets were dropped in London during bombing raids and killed and injured around 10,000 people.

The V-2 rockets were also dangerous to produce. The Nazis used prisoners and slave labourers to manufacture the rockets, but around 20,000 of them died in the process, the International Business Times reports.

The V in V-2 stands for Vergeltungswaffe, or vengeance weapon in English.

In Hitler’s desperation, he showed how he not only had contempt for the Allies but also his own people. It is well documented that in his final days he blamed the German people for failing to create the empire of the Third Reich.

Ian Harvey

Ian Harvey is one of the authors writing for WAR HISTORY ONLINE