Civilization VI Players can enjoy a new update on Steam Including WW2 Australian Leader Scenario

Steam players of Civilization IV will have a new update.  This new release includes many new features that are highly requested including multiplayer functionality as well as tools for modding and the Steam Workshop.

The new release will improve your playing experience with active research within the realms of technology and culture resulting in new potential, cities that will physically expand across the map and leaders that compete will based on their historical traits, pursue their own individual agendas.

The release also includes a myriad of fixes and includes development tools and, we are happy to report, the Steam Workshop Uploader, that allows players access to modifications created through the Steam community and to share those modifications amongst the community.   In addition to all this, there is a package of game assets such as models, interface elements and textures available. Go here for more information on the entire new release.

In the release is a brand new premium DLC add-on, ‘Australia Civilization and Scenario Pack’, which introduces an Australian leader, John Curtin to the game with his scenario ‘Outback Tycoon’. To give readers some background to John Curtin and what you could expect from his traits, Curtin served as the 14th Prime Minister of Australia from 1941 to 1945.  He led his country through the Second World War with the constant threat of invasion from Japan.  In spite of the fact that his country was at war, he managed to leave behind a raft of social reforms such as widow’s pensions, maternity benefits, unemployment and sickness benefits and benefits to Indigenous Australians.  He died a month before the war in the Pacific ended, IGN reported.

Firaxis producer Pete Murray said that they asked the Civilization community to suggest cultures and cities that would enhance the game.  Australia has come up in many community user requests and as in this DLC they were looking for a city that could use coastal territory and beautiful land, Australia seemed to fit the bill.  On the True Start Location Earth Map, there was a noticeable geographic gap and Australia fitted in perfectly and the Australian city bonus worked in perfectly with this beautiful but dry continent.

A full review of the new Civilization IV by IGN can be found here and, as usual wiki has loads of tips and tricks for you to try.

Ian Harvey

Ian Harvey is one of the authors writing for WAR HISTORY ONLINE