Ceramic Poppies ‘Sell Like Hot Pancakes’

Thousands of the ceramic poppies made in remembrance of the centenary of the outbreak of the First World War went like hot pancakes within hours of going on sale.

These poppies are part of the artwork installed at the dry moat of the Tower of London. There are 888,246 ceramic poppies commissioned — one for each fallen British or Colonial soldier during the Great War. The ceramic flowers are the creation of ceramist Paul Cummins. The artwork installation is dubbed as Blood Swept Lands and Seas of Red and is designed by Tom Piper. With the ceramic poppies set up, the dry moat of the Tower of London literally is turned into a scarlet sea.

In connection with the commemoration, the Duke and the Duchess of Cambridge took part in the ‘planting’ of the ceramic poppies in the Tower of London’s dry moat.

The last of the ceramic poppies will be planted in this year’s Armistice Day (November 11) after which they are, then, sold at £25 apiece.

However, when the ordering of the ceramic poppies opened last August 5, Tuesday, the website and the hotline were swamped up with calls. According to Tower officials, the sales on its opening day numbered with ‘tens of thousands’ of the ceramic poppies.

The Royals taking part of the 'planting' of the ceramic poppies.
The Royals taking part of the ‘planting’ of the ceramic poppies.

The constable of the Tower of London, General Lord Danatt, expressed delight with this said news. he stated that he, along with the other Tower officials, are happy with the public’s positive response. Not only did people purchase ceramic poppies, there were also a number who donated directly to the six charities involved with the event.

He also commented that he believed the ceramic poppies created by Paul Cummins, set designer Tom Piper and a team of volunteers reached out to the global population. Finally, the constable extended his gratitude who responded and gave out their support.

Heziel Pitogo

Heziel Pitogo is one of the authors writing for WAR HISTORY ONLINE