Call of Duty: WWII – New Features In A New Release Which Takes Fans Back To The Game’s Roots

The new game returns to the series' roots in history
The new game returns to the series' roots in history

Game players around the world have waited with great anticipation for the official release of Call of Duty: WW2.The fact that the game has left the realm of space and futuristic weaponry and returned to its roots of World War II has been eagerly anticipated by the gaming world ever since the release was announced.  The beta release that was tested toward the end of August demonstrated that Sledgehammer Games have indeed returned this game to its classic roots.

There are new features as well as the old favorites back again but improved for the new release.  Let’s have a look at some of the features that emerged during the beta testing.


The beta version of the game came equipped with three maps.  Ardennes is the location of the Battle of the Bulge and is a wide-open map with snow and a forest as the background.  There are buildings and pathways ideal for close-quarters battles with sub-machine guns, but there are also places where snipers can be used to great effect.

Pointe Du Hoc is a map of trenches with long narrow rat runs that will delight the ‘kill-em-quick’ players. This map is ideal for players that like to run with a gun and get quick kills, but there are a few elevated positions that will suit the snipers who can be game changers on this map.

The third map is Gibraltar.   This map of the well-known British colony has a variety of sight lines to suit all kinds of players.  The map harks back to the classic Call of Duty feel and the two-level choke points at the middle of the map will bring about some exciting battles.  The edges of the map allow for one-on-one battles between rivals with loads of space in which to run and fire.


Replacing the old create-a-class from previous versions of Call of Duty is the new system of Divisions.  There are five Divisions in the game; Infantry, Airborne, Armored, Mountain, and Expeditionary.

These divisions have both unique functions and assets while others are shared among the Divisions.  For example, Basic Training is a shared function that includes Phantom which gives quiet movement, no damage from falls and the existing ghost asset all rolled into one.


This division houses the best all-round combat soldiers.  They have weapons such as the M1 for distance as well as close quarters work but also have skills and perks that allow for man-on-man battles.  These include the use of bayonets.


These are the speed troops of the game.  They are equipped with rapid-fire machine guns and are very quick over the ground.  They favor a run-and-gun style of play and have perks such as suppressors for their weapons and the ability to hide their guns from enemy mini-maps.


These are the heavy fire specialists and perfect for laying down a lethal swathe at a specific point on the map. They come equipped with machine guns and rocket launchers among others.


Here you will find the snipers with their aim assistance (the only Division that has this feature). Slow firing but each shot counts.


Here are your front-line troops.  Equipped with shotguns that have incendiary rounds along with other close-quarters weaponry, this Division is perfectly placed for close quarters fighting

Other Modes of Play

War Mode

This mode should please players when they want to take a break from the all-out action of Multiplayer mode.  This is an ‘Allies vs. Axis’ type of mode, so its protect vs. destroy or attack and defend.

In this mode, the map shifts as the teams involved accomplish their objectives such as attacking or defending a building or bridge or escorting a tank or taking out an enemy bunker.  It emphasizes teamwork and each team, whether playing on the side of the Allies or the Axis forces, will have to work together with a sense of purpose to achieve their objective.

Zombie Mode

This is completely new to Call of Duty and provides a disconcerting experience!  The story revolves around the Third Reich’s efforts to create an experimental army and their scientists come up with an army of zombies that you can blast to pieces.


Another new feature to this release of Call of Duty.  This is a base that allows you to access some features and is also described as a living space where you can interact with other players.  It’s designed to allow you to display your prestige and to become part of a community while taking a break between matches.

Call of Duty: WWII has returned to its roots, and the magnificent visual and audio backing makes this a tight combat game.  The weapons feel right, and each bullet counts.  This game is sure to become the must-have Christmas gift for every gamer in 2017.

Ian Harvey

Ian Harvey is one of the authors writing for WAR HISTORY ONLINE