Cache Of WWII-Era Cars Found Stashed In French Quarry

WWII-era car in Paris, France.
WWII-era car in Paris, France.

Vincent Michel is a photographer from Belgium who has recently released photos of World War II-era automobiles hidden in a quarry in France.

It appears that the cars were hidden to prevent them being seized by the invading Nazi forces.

Today, most of the cars are rusted beyond repair.  Citroens, Renaults, and Peugeots can still be recognized amidst the rusted metal.  Some appear to have been damaged before being stored; others may have been raided for parts in the years after that.

The owner of the quarry added a few cars himself, including a 1960 Opel Kapitän.  Shortly after Michel showed up to photograph the cars, the owner removed his vehicles to sell at auction, Fox News reported.

Michel doesn’t know the reason why the cars were never retrieved from the quarry.  He isn’t revealing the location of the quarry but hopes to find more in the future.

Ian Harvey

Ian Harvey is one of the authors writing for WAR HISTORY ONLINE