Bruce Crompton Asks you to “Put your Headphones on for History”

A new podcast, Amazing War Stories with Bruce Crompton, aims to save museums by telling incredible, real accounts of heroism inspired by artefacts and exhibits in their collections.

By fully immersing the listener with incredible 3D audio, interviews with serving members of the armed forces and experts from around the world, the hope is this series will encourage people to find out more about the museums featured and the amazing war stories within them.

In order to publicise the campaign Bruce Crompton has started a new initiative: Put Your Headphones on History. He is asking people to take a selfie wearing headphones – the bigger the better – and share it on their social media feeds with the hashtag #amazingwarstories.

Falling visitor numbers, due to COVID, have hit museums hard and many of them, especially the smaller, local ones, have shut their doors permanently. He hopes that this podcast will provide those vital institutions with the publicity they so desperately need and so prevent their closure.

The podcast is free on all major platforms but it needs listeners and subscribers to ensure its survival and the continuation of its mission. The more people that listen, and the more publicity the podcast gets, then the more episodes that can be made.

More episodes equals more museums helped and more history saved – it’s as simple as that. The makers of the podcast have so far worked on this for free.

Not only that, through the surrounding publicity of our podcast, we hope to introduce a new generation to our nation’s history as well as encouraging them to visit these vital institutions. For those that can’t visit, this audio treat will bring museum collections to people in a truly unique way; via immersive 3D audio and social media.

Listening to these stories amid the backdrop of coronavirus, we are reminded how, in the not too distant past, our great nations once saw off another threat to our freedom.

These irreplaceable collections teach us how people previously came together to defeat a terrible peril and they give hope that we can do the same today. So museums are now more important than ever, acting as a powerful reminder of our heritage. However, once our history is gone, it is gone forever.

Amazing War Stories with Bruce Crompton is available on all podcast platforms and at

Bruce Crompton
Bruce Crompton

About Bruce Crompton

Presenter Bruce Crompton, host of international TV hit Combat Dealers and military collector, is a passionate advocate of history and museums. He has built up a sizeable collection of military memorabilia and has supplied movies such as ‘Saving Private Ryan’ and ‘Fury’ with antique vehicles, props and armaments. He has an extensive knowledge of the Second World War in particular and regularly contributes to various publications, museums and other historical endeavours.

About Amazing History Enterprises

The production company behind Amazing War Stories With Bruce Crompton is founded by Ed Sayer, a former Head of Original Commissioning at Discovery Communications, Dan Jones, CEO of Vaudeville Sound Group, Paul Wooding, MD of Spark TV and Lois Crompton.

They passionately believe that the role of history programming across all genres is vital to society. With this immersive podcast they aim to reach new and different audiences and introduce them to the amazing content inside some of the world’s most important institutions.

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