Traces of The Berlin Wall Still Remains and Serves as a Reminder

Berlin Wall – East Gallery

The Berlin Wall was the iconic symbol of separating the communist East Berlin from the Democratic West Berlin. The wall ran 160-kilometers and while the majority of the wall has been brought down, there is a very small portion that still remains today. Although instead of it being a sign of oppression, it now serves as a memorial and a historic monument to the tumultuous time.

Pieces of the Berlin wall still stands at the Brandenburg Gate and the East Side Gallery, where local artists have decorated the remaining pieces of the wall with their art. Other locations where the wall remains is the Berlin Wall memorial at Bernauer Strasse. At this site, you can see 60 meters of the border modifications. The Window of Remembrance stands as a memorial to those who lost their lives trying to escape West Berlin by crossing over the Berlin Wall–or died accidentally near it. Among those who died were 6 children who died in the waters near the borders. People feared being shot by border patrol and could not save the children–this included the parents.

The Window of Remembrance
The Window of Remembrance – A memorial to those who perished while trying to cross the Berlin Wall

If you were to take a short walk, you will find the Kieler Strasse watch tower. The tower was one of the original 302 towers that stood along the wall. Only two other towers remain standing. The tower on Kieler Strasse is standing as a memorial. Jurgen Litfin, 73, is the care taker and tour guide of the tower. The tower serves as a memorial to Litfin’s brother, Gunter Litfin who was the first person that was killed at the wall. He was 24 years old. The memorial bares Gunter’s name, but it serves as a mark of remembrance for all those who perished.

Another location that a visitor could go to is a short distance from the Kieler Strasse tower is the St. Hedwig cemetery in Liesenstrasse. At this location you can see remnants of the wall which was constructed through the cemetery. here, no tombstones remain standing. The only way you know the location was once a cemetery is a plaque that bares the names of those who are buried there.  DW reports that there are a few tombstones that remain after being relocated.

Evette Champion

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