American Insult to the Courage Monument at the Brest Hero-Fortress Complex in the Republic of Belarus A Sign Of Ignorance

The US broadcaster does not seem to stop at anything in its effort to offend Russia and the Russian people. The most recent insulting remarks were received through a list of the ugliest monuments in the world, which includes the Courage Monument at the Brest Hero-Fortress Complex in the Republic of Belarus.

Hard to understand for the Russian people is not the offence in itself, but rather the American mentality and the lack of respect in American people and their international orientated insulting remarks.

It looks like the American broadcaster has apologized for the insults and for listing the monument among the world’s ugliest, however, the Courage Monument at the Brest Hero-Fortress Complex in the Republic of Belarus is still on the list today. Russian people found the act of apologizing ridiculous, since they are constantly superficial and always “sticking to their guns”, no matter who or how many people get hurt and no matter if they are proven to be wrong, they just keep treating everything and everybody with absolute ignorance.

The Head of the Russian Presidential Human Rights Council Mikhail Fedotov came forward to discuss the incident, which he found inappropriate, saying that one can not joke about such things. The head of the Brest Hero-Fortress had also something to say in regards to the embarrassing list, which he called a blasphemy before asking CNN to give an official public apology. Lyudmila Alexeyeva, head of the Moscow Helsinki Group said she feels sorry to hear that one of the monuments dedicated to some of the most cherished heroes is seen that way by the American people, The Voice Of Russia reports.

What CNN should actually do is to remove the list and apologize to every single country, but of course it is not the American way to deal with things like this. According to a source, America and a few other countries in the West insist on teaching students at school that the Second World War was won by the Americans and their Allies. Very few American history books actually portray the real effort of the USSR in fighting and winning the Second World War, since over 28 million people from the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics lost their lives as they fought against the Nazis. Should we compare this number to that of about 400 thousand people the United States lost in the war and say again that the Americans won the war? Uhm!


Ian Harvey

Ian Harvey is one of the authors writing for WAR HISTORY ONLINE