AMAZING IMAGES: The sinking and raising of U-Boat 110 – rare glimpse inside a WWI U-boat

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The twin-screw German submarine U.B. 110 was built by Blohm & Voss, Hamburg.

Information of the loss of a U-boat came from a neutral ship captain. He added detail to the sinking of UB-110 by a convoy escort off the East Coast on July 19th. The UB-110 was submerged and making an approach to the convey when her periscope was sighted, only 50 yards away, by a motor launch. Sevaral ships immediately dropped depth charges.

The U-boats forward diving rudders jammed in the up position; her port motor short-circuited; and fuel tank was damaged. When she came to the surface, exuding oil, the destroyer GARRY rammed her twice and hit her with several bursts of gunfire. With the upper works torn open, the U-boat rolled over and sank. Thirteen survivors, including Fürbinger, were picked up.

On August 2nd the Red Cross reported that Fürringer, his watch officer, and part of his crew were prisoners.

Divers were soon sent down to the new UB-110 to recover documents, among them the log book of the submarine. She had left Zeebrugge at 2250 on July 4th for the East coast, the log gave her noon position for each day until July 15th. On October 4th the wreck was finally raised from the bottom and towed to Newcastle. On October 7th photographs taken in the dry dock showed how extensively she had been damaged via
In September she was salvaged and placed in the admiralty dock off Jarrow slake. She was then berthed at Swan Hunter’s dry docks department with an order to restore her as a fighting unit.

The Armistice on 11th November 1918 caused work on her to be stopped. She was towed on the 19th December 1918 from Wallsend to the Northumberland Dock at Howdon and was subsequently sold as scrap.
The album of photographs, taken by Frank & Sons of South Shields, documents the U.B. 110 in extensive detail. The photographs provide a rare glimpse into the mechanics and atmosphere of the raised German submarine. Full album can be seen here 

This image is taken from an album of photographs found in the Swan Hunter shipbuilders collection at Tyne & Wear Archives. The album is from 1918 and documents the U.B. 110 before she was scrapped on the dry docks of Swan Hunter Wigham Richardson Ltd, Wallsend.


This photograph shows the Submarine’s Four bow Torpedo Tubes & hydroplane on the port side.8770771018_a076686bf4_k

This photograph shows the a general view of the Submarine8770770544_75239b7b80_o

The Submarine’s Four bow torpedo tubes & forward hydroplanes8770771270_a1201fb14b_o

A general view of the Submarine looking forward





The Submarine’s Electric Control Room, including its switch gear8766089639_7bc5b21774_o

The Submarine’s Electric Control Room, including its propelling motors and main switchboards.8766090141_07b1e68bf1_o

U-Boat 110, a German Submarine that was sunk and risen in 1918. This photograph shows the Submarine’s Electric Control Room, looking in to the Motor Room and Stern Torpedo Room.8766090305_4e99dd9355_o

This photograph shows the Submarine’s After Torpedo Room showing the Torpedo Tube door and the Hand wheels to the air system.8770455898_09ac18e4c1_o

This photograph shows the Submarine’s 3rd Compartment holding the Mess table, Lockers and manholes to accumulation battery.8770456192_9d8bcb16ba_o

This photograph shows the 3rd compartment of the Submarine and the Crew’s lockers.


This photograph shows the Submarine’s 3rd Compartment holding the Mess table, Lockers and manholes to accumulation battery.8770686902_90a93ab6ac_o

This photograph shows the Submarine’s crew space.8770687568_f7b354a67d_o

This photograph shows the Control Room and access scuttle to the conning tower.


This photograph shows the Submarine’s compartment No. 6, including its sleeping berths and access to the Engine Room.


The Submarines Diesel Engine Room.8770771712_8cac3b9215_o

The Submarine’s Electric Control Room and switch gear. 8770449822_be8d916f6c_k

This photograph shows the Submarine’s forward Torpedo room. 8770687732_bc9edd7661_o (1)

 This photograph shows the control room in the Submarine, including the manhole to the periscope well, hand wheels for pressure gear, valve wheels for flooding and blowing and the air pressure gauges. 8770688026_b5204710bc_o (1)

 The Control Room looking forward, including views of the Submarine’s depth gauge, engine telegraphs, hand wheels to flooding and blowing valves and wheels to work forward and aft hydroplane 8770688346_a255014c5b_o

This photograph shows the Control Room looking forward, showing the Submarine’s Hydroplane gear, depth gauges and oil fuel tank gauges. one more-2

 The Control Room, showing the Submarine’s Gyro compass, steering control shaft, engine telegraphs and voice pipes.