Drunk Actor Gerard Depardieu “Scandalizes” A Supposed Solemn WWI Commemoration

Hollywood actor Gerard Depardieu ruined the solemn air in a WWI commemoration when he turned up “scandalously drunk” and shambled his way to his performance.

Movie legend Gerard Depardieu, 65, was assigned to read poetry written by the French poet-singer known as Barbara, who was a survivor of the France Holocaust, during the said WWI commemorating event at a historic Flaguey venue in Brussels Sunday, November 30. The works of Guillaume, the late son of the Hollywood actor who tragically passed away way back in 2008, was also due to be presented during that same time.

However, Gerard Depardieu turned up very drunk that night and only after a few moments of setting up on the stage, he ignored most of the text prepared for him to read. Instead, he started to wave his hands in the air and went off to tell jokes, shout and blabbed on using coarse language.

Though some members of the audience appreciated the change in the event’s somber tone and went on to clap and cheer him, others were far from impressed by his “scandalous” behavior with some tweeting about it using the words “scandalous” and “shame”.

One spectator, upon interview of Brussel’s publication, La Capitale, recounted that Gerard Depardieu was visibly drunk when he went up the stage. he went on to say that the Hollywood actor read the same sentence thrice before he ignored it and deviated into the subject regarding politics in Belgium. The viewer, who also was the one to supply a video showing part of the actor’s debacle,  added that after a while, Gerard Depardieu asked about what page he was on and eventually called for a chair to be brought.

In the end, the show had to be stopped for about thirty minutes.

It can be remembered that last September, Gerard Depardieu admitted in an interview that he couldn’t drink like a normal person. he admitted to downing 12 to 14 bottles of alcoholic beverages in a day consisting of either red wine or champagne.

Last year, the actor was banned from an Air France flight after he urinated in the plane’s aisle while it was preparing for take off forcing it to turn back. A passenger on that flight said that Gerard Depardieu was also drunk at that time and was asking to use the toilet during takeoff when passengers had to remain seated.


Heziel Pitogo

Heziel Pitogo is one of the authors writing for WAR HISTORY ONLINE