A British truck refuelling a Messershmitt ?? – 10 Bf-109 photos and their pilots you may not have seen before

Englische Kanalinseln, Betanken eines Flugzeuges

A German propaganda picture showing a British truck refuelling a BF 109 in the Channel Islands (Source: Bundesarchiv)

Pilot Major Günther Rall when getting out of his plane Messerschmitt Me 109 after his 250th aerial victory 1943

Messerschmitt Me 109 und Junkers Ju 87

Messerschmitt Me 109 E of I / Jagdgeschwader 27 (JG 27) and Junkers Ju 87 B of the II. / St G 2(Wikimedia commons: Bundesarchiv)

Flugzeug Messerschmitt Me 109 G-2
Russia-Nord.- fighter Messerschmitt Me 109 G-2 of Jagdgeschwader 54 (III / JG 54.) “Green Heart” on airfield (Wikimedia commons: Bundesarchiv)

Flugzeuge Messerschmitt Me 109

Messerschmitt Me 109s in flight; after July 20, 1944; One kp Lw zbV

Jagdflugzeug Messerschmitt Me 109 auf Feldflugplatz

Gerhard Barkhorn’s Bf 109, commander of II./JG52, at Anapa on the Black Sea, Autumn 1943(Wikimedia commons: Bundesarchiv)


A 109 after a “very hard” landing in France

Flugzeug Messerschmitt Me 109, Pilot

Pilot in photo is most probably Klaus Mietusch, photo taken between 26 March 1944 and 18 November 1944.


Im Westen, Feldflugplatz mit Me 109
Luftwaffe crew of the Jagdgeschwader 53 fighter wing (also known as “Ace of Spades”) resting at an airfield in front of a Messerschmitt Bf 109 with an open bonnet. Behind in the background is a Junkers Ju 52

Flugzeug Messerschmitt Me 109

Messerschmitt Me 109 G-6 (with R6 gun package) (identifier black 12) of Jagdgeschwader 2 in France – September 1943


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