5 Facts About Surviving Second World War Veterans in Honor of Veterans Day

November 11 — as Britain and other countries celebrate Remembrance Day on this date, in memory of the end of the Great War, on the same date, United States celebrates Veterans Day in honor not just of the country’s veterans but of those still actively serving the military. 

Among the vets being honored on Veterans Day are the servicemen who fought and served during the Second World War.

In this note, here are a number of lesser-known facts about the dwindling number of surviving WWII veterans.

  • An estimated 16 million Americans served in the different branches of the army during the Second World War. As of January this year, there are just over a million surviving WWII veterans.
  • Most of these surviving WWII veterans are now in their nineties.
  • According to statistics, an estimated number of 413 WWII veterans die each day.
  • At the above-mentioned rate, there will be no more living WWII veterans by 2036.
  • The average age of soldiers in 1944 was 26 years old. Those who served in the Navy and those in the Marines were generally younger.

Veterans Day Freebies

Vets get to rake up pay back for the service they rendered the country on Veterans Day with the country’s largest and most patriotic brands offering freebies for them.

Some establishments like Great Clips offered free haircuts or vouchers for one redeemable until December 31 of this year to veterans and even active servicemen on November 11, Veterans Day.

Meanwhile, a good number of restaurants and fast food chains like Hooter’s, Applebee’s,  Chili’s and even California Pizza Kitchen offered as much as $10.99-worth or completely free meals from special menus especially put up for vets and actively serving soldiers. Additionally, Golden Corral and Bonanza Steakhouses will be holding their honoring vets and active military members this coming November 17 with free buffets.

Other businesses which offered freebies to vets, active soldiers and even to their spouses Tuesday, November 11, included the coffee giant Starbucks, health club 24-Hour Fitness, doughnut house Krispy Kreme and others.

Heziel Pitogo

Heziel Pitogo is one of the authors writing for WAR HISTORY ONLINE