19-Year-Old Author’s First Book About Hitler

Mitchell Agg's From Motherland to Fatherland

Quedgeley-native Mitchell Agg at a very young age of 19 is already a published author. His first book? It talks about one of 20th century’s most prominent figures, and perhaps the most evil – German dictator Adolf Hitler. And his inspiration – both he and the leader of Germany’s Third Reich shared the same interest in football.

For the Love of Football

Mitchell, a former Churchdown School sixth form student, entitled his Hitler biography From Motherland to Fatherland. And it was his love for football that compelled him to delve deeper into the dictator’s life.

“I was doing a lot of writing about football and I came across this fact that he bid for the 1942 World Cup. I was intrigued by this and decided to keep looking into Hitler and decided to write about him,” he revealed.

He started writing his book after finishing his studies in 2012. He worked in a Quedgeley Great British Card Company warehouse to earn his living and worked on his book at night.

“I did most of my research on the internet and at local libraries and did the writing late at night,” he revealed.

It took him full five months to finish his Hitler biography. By this time, another problem rose – a publisher willing to publish the book he wrote. he even added that it was the toughest challenge he had to face. he had to go to 50 publishers before finding one willing to take on his work. And the company’s willingness stemmed up from the fact that he was only 19 years old.

“It was amazing when the book was finally printed and I got to hold it in my hands for the first time. That was such a good feeling,” he mused.

From Motherland to Fatherland

his work follows Hitler’s life from being a son of an Austrian customs officer to becoming the German dictator who started the Second World War. The title of his book is a reflection on how the dictator was really Austrian born but then moved to Germany making the country his fatherland.

“It was fascinating to find all these things about him, I really liked digging out more facts and writing them up,” he said.

And it seemed the writing bug had embedded deeply into Mitchell’s skin. After writing his Hitler work, he is starting his second book – a novel of the spy thriller genre.

He is currently building up a story about a cocky British spy.

“I thought I might feature GCHQ in it, but I’m leaving it as an ambiguous headquarters,” the 19-year-old who currently lives with his parents Robert and Susan in Quedgeley, revealed.

However, he hopes his being a published author will open doors for him in the movie industry.

“I really admire Quentin Tarantino, his screenplay for Django is brilliant,” he added.

His Hitler book From Motherland to Fatherland, on the other hand, is available for 6.99 pounds under Olympia Publishers.

Based from an article in This Is Gloucestershire

Heziel Pitogo

Heziel Pitogo is one of the authors writing for WAR HISTORY ONLINE