War History Online is joining forces with the Wheatcroft Collection forming a media partnership to bring our growing readership news and features from what must be the largest and yet most enigmatic collections anywhere in our military world.

While it would be an exaggeration to claim the Wheatcroft Collection is shrouded in mystery, it has long been the subject of speculation and not a little gossip in some military enthusiasts circles.

Kevin Wheatcroft has professed a long standing wish to lift some of the veil surrounding the stunning collection and we are delighted to announce that readers of War History Online are in the right place to get the latest preservation news from the Wheatcroft Collection with exclusive updates of progress on a range of projects under way in Leicestershire and beyond.

This stunning Sherman is one of a growing number of military vehicles and weapons from the Wheatcroft Collection on display at Donington Park, also home to the Grand Prix Collection.

We brought you coverage of the Panther engine start up day last year and intend to do so much more in the coming months. There is a lot happening we are eager to share and in partnership with the Wheatcroft Collection we can assure our readers they are getting the best preservation news available here at War History Online.

Wheatcroft Collection CEO, Kevin Wheatcroft said “I have known War History Online for some time and this partnership is something we have toyed with over the last two years. I realise I have always been a very private person but now elements of the Wheatcroft Collection are on public display at Donington Park I felt the time was right to share with the military history world just what we are trying to achieve. This is factual real time information directly from me and I look forward to sharing my future plans with you.”

War History Online founder Jack Beckett said “We haven’t rushed into this by any means, but as our viewing figures continue to grow we think we have proved beyond question that we are the right place to get news and views out quickly and with total enthusiasm to the widest and best informed audience there is across our military world.”  He went on to say “We have been aware of some significant developments at the Wheatcroft Collection which are bound to be the subject of immense interest and speculation. We are delighted to be the place where people can be confident they are getting accurate news and the best images with the full support of the Wheatcroft Collection on a regular basis.

Jack went on to say “The foundation of War History Online began with the ground breaking work we did within the military vehicle world a decade ago. Our commitment to the historic military vehicle community is expressed in our drive to forge relationships with respected collectors and museums in conjunction with long term plans to expand coverage to bring in much more from the historic military vehicle world in addition to living history, collecting militaria and so much more.”

Look out for a major announcement from the Wheatcroft Collection in the very near future.