An outline list of Tank Museum vehicles set to take part in TANKFEST 2012 arena displays has been published.

The list features Tiger 131, which is now back in action following an £80,000 conservation project.

The `Warhorse` Mark IV replica and the Black Prince will also be making their TANKFEST debuts, and the show will feature a parade of Chieftain tank variants.

On top of the running vehicles listed below, there will be external displays of static vehicles for visitors to browse and British Army vehicles that will be taking part in arena displays.


This list is compiled in no particular order. The appearance of these vehicles is subject to the usual caveats of mechanical and operational availability.

Leopard 1 | Ferret Armoured Car | AFV 432 | AFV 434 | Saracen APC | YP 408 APC | Warrior APC
Black Prince | Comet | Centurion MBT | Centurion ARV | Matilda I | Chieftain MBT (x3) | Chieftain Wedge
Chieftain Bridge layer | Chieftain AVRE | Chieftain SID | Chieftain ARV | Pz 61 MBT | Khalid MBT
Challenger 1 MBT | T59 Medium | Panzer III | Matilda II | Valentine Infantry Tank | Churchill
Tiger 1 | Kettenkrad | T34 | Sherman E8 | Saladin Armoured Car | Daimler APC | Panhard Armoured Car
Marmon Herrington Armoured Car | M60 MBT | M16 Half Track | M548 Cargo Carrier | Stuart Light Tank
Mark IV replica | Berlieut Truck


Ticket Options

There are more ticket options than ever before for TANKFEST 2012. With a range of visitor accommodation in the area to suit all pockets, why not make your TANKFEST experience last the weekend?

Standard day and weekend tickets are available now, allowing you to save at least 10% off the `on the day` admission price.

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Tickets will also be available at the gate from 9am on both days. Parking is free and all tickets (except group rate tickets) include a FREE Annual Pass.

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