Tankfest 29th – 30th June 2013 Update – Programme Announced!! – Tank Museum

With less than 150 days to go until TANKFEST 2013, The Tank Museum has announced an outline programme for the weekend’s arena displays.

Among the improvements made by organisers for this year’s show will be the removal of large concrete blocks from the edge of the track to improve the spectators sightlines. Discussions are also underway to secure some impressive guest armour



With gates opening at 9.00am, the M548 rides vehicle will be taking passengers on laps of the arena until the first display starts at 10.30 – when three Leopard 1’s will show their paces in an explosive show opener.

As the dust settles, there will be a repeat of last year’s `Ride of the 432’s` as our vehicle crews undertake precise and graceful manoeuvres to an appropriate musical backdrop.

As our vehicular ballerinas exit, the arena will be handed to the British Army as we mark Armed Forces weekend. Theatre Entry Standard vehicles crewed by soldiers from Bovington garrison will star in this display of modern armour. Expect to see theChallenger 2, Scimitar and a range of armoured vehicles used in Afghanistan at speed in the arena.

For the final arena display of the morning, The Tank Museum’s World War One tank replicas will be in action together for the first time. What they lack in speed will certainly be made up with spectacle!



At around 2.00pm, tanks from World War Two will be compared and contrasted as we consider the strengths and short-comings of each. Alongside the ever-popular Tiger 131, spectators will see Valentine, Matilda and other Museum favourites. The story of the tank will continue with the evolution of the British Main Battle Tank; from the Centurion to the Challenger 1.

The show will close with a unique and explosive demonstration of what might have happened if the Cold War had turned hot. How would NATO react to a Warsaw Pact invasion of Germany? You’ll find out how soldiers trained for this terrifying scenario, what tactics would be used and what the outcome is likely to have been.

Tickets are available now – with three options to choose from: Regular, Premium or Directors Enclosure – with both day and weekend passes available.

To find out more or to buy on-line click here.



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