PRESS RELEASE: War History Online passes 10,000 members on its Face Book page.

War History Online passes 10,000 followers on its Face Book page.

A milestone has just been passed by War History Online. The site went live in April 2012 and has gained a massive following in the last 8 months from around the world.  The founder of War History Online, Jack Beckett says; “It has been a pretty amazing time in the last 8 months. We knew that there was an opportunity to deliver the news, reviews and articles of our history in a digital format to the world and the results of the last year has proved this. Our predictions are that within the next year visitors to War History Online will be in their millions. This shows that our history is still alive and well.”

Beckett is the first to point out that none of this would be possible without the team involved in the running of War History Online; “We have been lucky to be working with some of the best in their fields.  One of the unsung heroes is Joris Nieuwint from the Netherlands who is the IT manager of War History Online and is my partner in the project.  One of the back bones of War History Online is the reviews which are run by the excellent historian and passionate WWI historian and photographer Mark Barnes.  Keith Nisbet from Keith Nisbet Photography was a massive help at the beginning of the project and we will be seeing more of him and his work over the next year. Scott Addington is heading up the medal guides. We have been very fortunate to also have Robin Schafer from Germany join the contributor’s team. Rob is a German historian and he brings an unseen and often over looked angle to our history – the German perspective.  Furthermore  Tim Gray, 2 x Emmy Award winner and Chair of the WWII Foundation has just joined the team.”

The power of multimedia is here to stay and will only become more of our lives, Beckett continues; “We knew that our audience were going to be what we call the Facebook and smartphone generation but we have been surprised by how quick we have grown.  War History Online is read 24/7 around the world. We have also hit one of goals and that was to spread history and share knowledge. You only have to read the comments on our Face Book page to see the wealth of knowledge amongst our members and followers – it is amazing. Because of the website, people have been able to connect with each other and share their passion.”

The team at War History Online are clearly passionate about what they do but what does the future hold? Joris Nieuwint; “We are passionate about our history and that’s one of the strengths of War History Online, it is made up of a diverse range of people which helps us deliver content and helps bring different perspective to our past.  We are lucky to have so many contributors on our Facebook page and they quite often correct and contradict accepted history, that’s a very powerful membership and we have all learnt so much from them. Going forward we will be delivering podcast, videos and more in depth articles. Our goal for 2013 is to have 25 contributors from around the world. This really would be something special. There is nowhere else like war History Online.”

War History Online always wants to hear from contributors. If you would like to be part of the team then you can contact them at