Operation Market Garden 2014 – Get your men on board!

Stratumseind Eindhoven
Picture from the event in 1994

Would you like to participate in a historic event, together with hundreds of enthusiastic WWII vehicle owners, re-enactors and paratroopers? The enlistment period for Operation Market Garden has started on December 12th,2013! Through the website webshop.omg2014.nl you can enter your subscription for this unique event.

Leopoldsburg Nijmegen 1994 002 (1)
Picture from the event in 1994

The route is taking shape

A lot has happened since September and the start of the planning of the event. The possible route of the event has been discussed with the councils of the various cities on the route. Participants will not be required to complete the whole route (Leopoldsburg-Veghel or Veghel-Nijmegen) in one go. Reststops have been organised along the route, in Eindhoven and Wijchen, where it will be possible to stop for an arranged lunch. Public in attendance will be able to see the participating vehicles, hundreds of them, up close!

Basecamp in Veghel and Leopoldsburg

Participants of the event OMG2014 will have unrestricted access to the basecamp in Veghel from September 12 to September 21, 2014. During this week there will be a host of activities in the region in which you can participate. The local musea in the Province of Brabant are also looking forward to your visit. On Saturday September 13, it will be possible to spend the night in Leopoldsburg for those who take part in the Leopoldsburg-Veghel route.

XXX Corps

The troops of the British 30th Corps played an important role in the “Garden” part of the Operation Market-Garden in 1944. Vehicles in the colors and with the markings of XXX Corps will be placed at the front of the column. Participants in vehicles with other markings are of course welcome too!

Grand Final

The route will not end with a whimper. What we have planned for Veghel we are keeping to ourselves for the moment. In Nijmegen, amphibic vehicles will re-enact the crossing of the Waal river. Participants and visitors will be able to view this from the banks of the Waal river.

Stories to Remember

The motto of Operation Market Garden 2014 is “Stories to Remember”. We want to spread the story of what happened In Belgium and the southern part of The Netherlands 70 years ago. To achieve this we have set up cooperation with councils and schools. We will not just celebrate 70 years of freedom but we will also remind people why those veterans (and their fallen comrades) fought so bravely.

Subscription possible from the end of December 2013

Taking part in the route(s) will only be possible for owners of WWII vehicles who entered as participant for Operation Market Garden through the website www.OMG2014.nl. You will find more information on what to expect as participant, about costs and conditions on the Web Shop: webshop.omg2014.nl

We will keep you informed

In the coming months we will keep you informed through club magazines. Also keep an eye on the website www.OMG2014.nl. You can also follow us on Facebook and Twitter (@OMG2014NL).

Carli Nelissen
Chairman Operation Market Garden 2014