The new British AJAX Armored Fighting Vehicle will be making its first ever public appearance at TANK 100!

AJAX, the Future Armoured Fighting Vehicle for the British Army.  Source: By Photo: Andrew Linnett/MOD, OGL,
AJAX, the Future Armoured Fighting Vehicle for the British Army. Source: By Photo: Andrew Linnett/MOD, OGL,

100 years after the first tank battle in history, at the Battle of Flers, the Tank 100 event will be commemorating the centenary of the tank, the sacrifice of Britain’s tank soldiers and Bovington’s role in armoured warfare.

TANK 100 is being held in conjunction with The Royal Tank Regiment and will feature living history, commemorative tank displays, talks and more.

Visitors can expect to see a display of modern British Army vehicles as well as a variety of historic vehicles from The Tank Museum collection, to exemplify the legacy of those first tanks and the men who fought in them.


17 September 2016


10:00                     SITE & MUSEUM OPENS
Vehicle Conservation Centre floor and balcony is also open.

10:00                     TRACKED VEHICLE RIDES
M548 rides in the Kuwait Arena, until 11:15.

11:30                     BRITISH ARMY DISPLAY

12:15                     LUNCH BREAK
M548 Vehicle rides recommence.


13:45                     TANK MUSEUM HISTORIC DISPLAY
Including: Mark IV replica, Matilda I, Valentine, Comet, Centurion, Chieftain, Challenger 1 & Challenger 2.  Also the Sherman, M60, Leopard 1 and Leopard 2.

14:30                     FIRST WORLD WAR BATTLE REENACTMENT
The battle reenactment will include pyrotechnics, living history reenactors, the Mark IV replica tank and an aircraft display from the Great War Display Team. .

15:15                     ACTIVITIES INSIDE THE MUSEUM
17:00                     SITE AND MUSEUM CLOSE


Life in the Royal Tank Regiment
A serving soldier in the Royal Tank Regiment will be giving a talk on the what life is like for a modern fighter, in the Sherman Room at 1pm. Hear first hand from a successor to those first brave tank men.

Static Bristol Scout Aircraft
The rare First World War Static Bristol Scout Aircraft will also be available for visitors to see on the far side of the arena, opposite the Living History Encampments. This is the only airworthy Bristol Scout in the world, and is exactly as she was flown 100 years ago by Flt Sub Lt Bremner RNAS. It was rebuilt by Theo Willford and Bremner’s grandsons, who will be with the aircraft to answer any questions.

Living History Encampments
The Gordon Highlanders and the Great War Society will be setting up their encampments on the far side of the Vehicle Conservation Centre. Meet the reenactors and discover what life was like on the front line during the First World War.

For More information, visit the Tank Museum website.

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