Meet The Band of Brothers Actors In Bastogne, Belgium, In December 2016

Image: HBO / Band of Brothers
Image: HBO / Band of Brothers

Band of Brothers Actors to Visit Bastogne, Belgium in December of 2016 for the First Time to Recognize the Anniversary of the Battle of the Bulge and the 101st Airborne’s Historic Defense of the City in 1944

The 2016 Actors Reunion is open to the public with money raised benefitting the mission of the non-profit World War II Foundation

For the first time, actors from the globally popular Band of Brothers television series, celebrating its 15thanniversary in 2016, will gather as a group in Bastogne, Belgium from December 9 to 11, 2016 to support the mission of the World War II Foundation (

Thousands of fans have gathered in Normandy, France over the past two years to meet the actors, and now it’s Bastogne’s turn to welcome these familiar faces to the historic city, which is so central to the telling of the Band of Brothers television series.

“The actors attending next December are very much looking forward to visiting Bastogne,” said James Madio, who played Sgt.Frank Perconte in Band of Brothers. “We hope fans of the TV series will join us for all the events and support the mission of the WWII Foundation,” Madio said.

“Bastogne played such a large role in the telling of the Easy Company story,” Madio continued. “The 101st was surrounded by the Germans in December of 1944 but held the line despite the cold, snow and a determined enemy. This is why Bastogne holds such a special place in the hearts of the actual veterans and also the actors who had the honor of portraying them,” said Madio.

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Event Schedule:

Friday, December 9, 2016: Exclusive Welcome VIP Reception and Q & A with Actors and Veterans in Bastogne: 101 euros per person donation to WWII Foundation 6PM-10PM.

Saturday, December 10, 2016: Bastogne Band of Brothers Bastogne Public Event at Bastogne War Museum: 10AM-12:30 PM.