Battle for Best Prom Entrance – Teens Arrive At High School Dance In WWII-Era Tank

Photo Credit: WISN 12 News / YouTube
Photo Credit: WISN 12 News / YouTube

While most teenagers attend prom in a limousine or in the passenger seat of their parents’ car, two high school students from Camas High School, in Washington state, made headlines by arriving in the coolest vehicle possible: a World War II-era M3A1 Stuart.

Sherman Bynum and Sam Tetro riding in an M3A1 Stuart
Photo Credit: KPTV FOX 12 Oregon / YouTube

Sherman Bynum has long been a fan of military tanks, similar to his late father, whom he called a “history buff.” When he learned his school would be setting up a special parking lot at the nearby Portland Art Museum for prom night, he immediately knew that he wanted to arrive at the dance in style.

“I made some phone calls to a group in Minnesota that rents battle tanks out for use, like for films and stuff.” Bynum told KOIN 6 News. “They were like $20,000. No way that’s happening.”

Undeterred, Bynum continued looking and came upon Steve Greenberg, a military enthusiast living in Portland, Oregon. He was willing to drive Bynum and his friends to prom in his personal M3A1 Stuart, but they would need to fork up $1,000.

Bynum and his friend, Sam Tetro, launched a GoFundMe fundraiser, which quickly surpassed $1,000. On the official page, the pair reassured donors that what they were planning was “perfectly legal” and that the tank would be “safely within road limits.”

They didn’t stop there. On top of securing the M3A1 for prom night, they also recruited a local man known for playing the theme for Star Wars with flaming bagpipes – while also riding a unicycle. The unipiper was more than happy to join in the fun, going so far as to escort the boys and their tank while dressed as Darth Vader.

On prom night, the boys rolled up to the Portland Art Museum in their M3A1, dressed in suits and green Army helmets. When asked about the stunt, Bynum told WJHG, “We don’t like normal very much. I think the quote that we’ve been repeating a lot today is, today’s the day, man. And we’re feeling really good.”

The teen’s mother added, “I never thought he’d pull it off and here we are.”

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Bynum ended his comments to the media by saying, “Live your life to the fullest. That’s what it’s all about.”

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